14 Aug

Something I neglected to mention yesterday is that the Hack In Question (HIQ for short) had the bedside manner of a barnacle. He was abrupt in his answers to my questions. When I mentioned that I was an herbalist he actually said something along the lines of how he was a surgeon and he didn’t believe in magic. When he did his exam he squeezed too hard because he seemed to be rushing.

I’ve noticed that many doctors, not just the HIQ seem to think that because they know a great deal about biology and medicine that they can simply blow off a patient’s symptoms because they don’t fit what the books say the symptoms are for the issue that you’ve been diagnosed with. This person is thus called an MDiety. An MDiety puts his degree ahead of his patient’s well being. An MDiety can’t POSSIBLY be wrong and we’ll be seeing examples of the HIQ in full MDiety mode later on in this blog.

If a doctor treats you in a less than kind and compassionate manner at the outset, find yourself a different doctor. Don’t just put up with it because the guy has a doctor’s degree. You DO know what they call someone who graduates in the bottom 10% of the medical class is, right?


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  1. Terry

    March 8, 2010 at 2:50 am, how do you do it?


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