Gimme Credit & Implant Fitting

13 Aug

In the business office we talked about various ways to pay for the surgery. Of course, as I mentioned the surgical fees were on barter. The fees for the surgical facility, The Bougainvillea Clinique, as well as the implants themselves, were to be fully paid for two weeks prior to surgery. That’s where Care Credit came in.

Care Credit does financing for a wide range of cosmetic surgical procedures. I got them to finance me for the full amount over a three year span of payments. If I remember right, the payments were under $200 a month. The interest rate was pretty rough though. It was somewhere around 9% if memory serves. Of course I didn’t care. I was headed full boar into this.

With the financing in place and confirmed, we set a date for October 6th. All that was left was to figure out what size implants I wanted. Now THIS is a process in and of itself.

I was told to get some knee high stockings and raw rice because rice is the most accurate type of filler as far as weight goes. One cup of raw rice equals approximately 236 ccs. The following table gives more conversions.

1 cup = 236cc
½  cup = 118cc
¾  cup = 177cc
¼  cup = 59cc
1/3  cup = 78cc
2/3 cup = 156cc
1/8  cup = 30cc

So you start by filling two knee highs with one cup of rice, lightly tie it off so that you can untie it again later and stuff them into a properly fitting sports bra. I did four different sets so that I could compare the various volumes. 425cc is an approximate full D cup so play with the volumes and see what looks best. I ended up with about 625 ccs which is about a DD.

Once I had the implant size figured out, I called in the volume that I had settled on. NOW I think I should have been fitted in the doctor’s office, but they had their own routine. I figured these people knew what they were doing so I just went along with it.

Two weeks before the surgical date I received a box in the mail. In it was vitamins to fortify my system, antibiotics as a preemptive strike against infection and Arnica for bruising. I was given instructions for what to take at what point. So at  two weeks out I started the regiment.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about the surgery itself.


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