You Get What You Pay For

12 Aug

As I said yesterday, I found a plastic surgeon on barter. So I called to make an appointment for a consultation. Before long both hubby an I were headed for the office.

I mentioned on Twitter yesterday that I still blame myself for this. BUT, part of being a literal cautionary tale is that you fess up. This is my confession. You would think the fact that the office is in a strip mall might have been some kind of indication. Here in Florida you’ll find some really nice restaurants in strip malls though. So I shrugged it off. I did more than shrug it off, I stomped flat that obnoxious little voice in the back of my mind.

Legally, because of the settlement that came later, I cannot reveal the name of the surgeon. Nor can any of my relatives, friends or even people I am acquainted with. Maybe one day I’ll auction off the name the way Carly Simon auctioned off revealing who “You’re So Vain” was about.

We arrived a little late to a well appointed office. There were cosmetic products in a glass case and up to date fashion magazines in the waiting room. I was nervous but excited. We were called back to a comfortable examination room and I was asked to strip from the waist up so that the doc could see what we were dealing with and I was given a thick comfy robe to cover up with.

The doctor came in and took a look. During the exam he actually pinched, hefted and squeezed (albeit briefly) my breasts to get an idea of volume and elasticity. He explained the anchor procedure to me and asked if I had any questions. I told him that I wanted my boobs put back where they were when I was 17. He told me it was not possible and that was an unrealistic expectation. He said that he could make them look perkier and fuller but they would never be like that again.

He also explained that I had wide-set breasts so it was not possible for me to have the kind of breasts that I brought in photos of. Yes, some plastic surgeons ask you to bring photos of breasts you like so that they have a visual reference of what you want.

He also asked me if I understood that I would have scaring. These people want to make good and certain that you understand that with the anchor lift, it’s not all sunshine and roses right out of the box.

Once all my questions were answered that’s when I dressed and we went into the business office to discuss the financial aspect. The surgeon’s fees were on barter but the anesthesiologist, the implants themselves and the facility fees were cash. I was given a brochure for a company called Care Credit that finances cosmetic procedures and the breakdown of costs and we went on our merry way.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about financing and the build up to my first surgery.


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