Complexus Inferioritus

10 Aug

Today marks a fresh start for the BoobCast blog. It may be occasionally sprinkled with updates on my current status but for the most part I’ll be talking in detail about why I had the initial breast augmentation and lift. I’ll also add much more in-depth detail to what happened to me and why it may have happened.

Today I’m going to talk about the reasons I had the surgery done in the first place.

I was always pretty socially awkward in high school. I was about 20 pounds overweight, only a couple friends, unpopular and an easy target because I had absolutely no self esteem. Add to that, when I went in for a bra fitting, the sales woman told me I had tubular breasts. I had absolutely no idea what that meant and at 16 was too embarrassed to ask.

This is what tubular breasts look like:

Fast forward 10 years, add breast feeding two kids and gravity and I REALLY hated my breasts. They weren’t pretty. They were just a couple of hanging flaps of skin. Add to that my nipples were so overly sensitive that if my partners tried to stimulate them, I was hanging from the ceiling because it was just too much sensation.

It was about that time that I became determined that by the time I was 40 I would have beautiful breasts. It wasn’t always at the forefront of my mind but the idea sat in the back of my mind and became cemented. Every time I went bra shopping the notion that my breasts were horrible and I needed a boob job became more and more firmly cemented in my mind.

At 39 I became completely obsessed with the idea that I HAD to get something done. I started researching plastic surgeons in the area. It took me about six months before I finally decided on one locally. So I made an appointment for a consultation.

With everything else that had been going on with major family issues , school and the business, I finally went to an appointment in the spring of my 40th year.

After taking a look at my breasts, it was announced that I had degraded as far as I could and it wasn’t going to get any worse. This article explains the Gurley Stages of Breast Regression and I was a Gurley Stage II

The doctor used a different scale but I am unable to find it. It basically amounts to how big your areolaes are and how much droop you have. Mine were the size of Coke bottle bottoms and my nipples pointed at the floor. So I was told I would need a breast lift to make them look perkier and an implant to replace the volume I had lost from breast feeding and age.

She put a VHS tape in that explained the anchor lift procedure and left me alone to watch it. Please look here for a diagram and description of a full (anchor) mastopexy:

I will continue this tomorrow since this post is running long.


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