Boobie Boggles

03 Aug

When I was cleared to wear bras I went and spent insane amounts of money on five bras and matching panties. They’re all gorgeous and lacey and flowery and they really make me feel feminine when I wear them. They’re also not very utilitarian. Sure I can wear them as my daily bras but they just don’t look good under certain tops.

My Prima Donna bras, because they’re embroidered and have little flowers on some of them, just don’t work under form-fitting tops. You can see the fabric of the bras through clothes like that. Because of that, I went bra shopping at Lane Bryant on Saturday afternoon.

Lane Bryant sizes bras with a tape measure. This is completely  unlike the visual measuring system that the ladies at Intimacy use. Lane Bryant (referred to as LB from this point forward) measures at the rib cage, at the nipple and at the top of the breast. According to their measurements, I am a 38 band size and a DD cup.

I have not lost weight and my Intimacy bras still fit perfectly. The Cacique bras carried by LB fit me FAR differently than the Intimacy bras. I ended up with four full coverage soft cup bras in a 40DD by that company. I must have tried on 15 different bras before they found what fit right. I even tried on a 44 band size and it was REALLY big on me. You could have fit kittens in the cups along with the Twins because the gap was so big. The woman helping me also pulled the band away from my body probably about 4-6 inches.

It just boggles my mind that a thing that is supposed to be engineered to fit and support our assets can have that wide a range in size on the same person. You’d think there would be consistency in bras and bra makers.

The lady who assisted me gave me a great hint for how to know if a bra fits really well or not. First you’ve got to bend over and adjusted your girls so that they’re fully in the cup, including the sides. That stuff that’s flopping over your side strap? That’s also part of your breast. If your bra does that, it’s too small.

If you raise both arms all the way up and the bridge between the two cups comes off your breast bone, the bra is too big. If the bridge doesn’t lie flat against your breastbone at all, the bra is too small.  If someone can pull the back strap out away from your body more than a couple fingers wide, the bra is too big. This is an excellent example of someone wearing the wrong sized bra and exactly what’s wrong:

This is why it’s important for every woman to be professionally fitted. It’s up to us. We have to take care of our Boobies the best that we can. Most women are wearing the wrong sized bra because they don’t know any better. You have a responsibility to yourself to get out there and get educated. Find a local lingere store and see if they do bra fittings. You don’t even have to buy anything from the shop. Just get fitted and find out what band and cup size you REALLY are.


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