BoobCast In Real Life

25 Jul

A couple nights ago Ken and I were in the lobby bar of the Westin Hotel in Atlanta. We were celebrating his new job by having a couple glasses of wine while we caught up on work. Yeah, I know. Not much of a celebration. But it put me in the right place at the right time.

There were three people talking over drinks and the woman, who was already knee deep in one martini started to poke fun at us for sitting over in the corner typing away instead of socializing.  So, not wanting to be TOTAL geeks, we put down the laptops and joined them for a couple rounds.

Of course as people are wont to do while being “socially lubricated”, the guy blurted out that the woman wanted bigger boobs. Yes. Out of the blue. For no apparent reason. Now me, already being slightly tipsy, I just kept quiet. But Ken popped up ad started talking about how I had problems with my own cosmetic surgery.

So I gave the brief, horrific version about loosing most of both my breasts because of the idiot doctor I had and his inability to recognize or deal with complications. I also explained all the things about implants that I’ve already talked about here.

She, however, wanting to make her point, said that she wanted to show me something. So she got up and stumbled over, almost falling on Ken, to kneel in front of me and show me the water balloon thingie in her wonder bra.  This woman was a MILF (of 3) on par with Kate Hudson or Kate Beckinsdale. Every guy (and bi/lez woman)  in the bar was watching her.

I proceeded to explain to her JUST how STUNNING she already was. I let her know that the guy she was with already loved her for who she was. He didn’t want her to get implants either. I let her know that she was an amazing, smart, beautiful, sexy woman just the way she was. What she NEEDED to do was to love herself the way he loved her. She needed to learn to accept that she already WAS beautiful and she didn’t need “improvements”.

She didn’t say anything but she gripped my wrists hard and stared into my eyes. I think I made a difference. At least I would like to hope that I did.


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