Nip Tuck It

24 Jul

Since we had to be in Atlanta anyway I got an appointment with Dr. Elliott. He ended up excising about 100 ccs of fluid from the same general area on my back. No big deal. It’s common with this type of surgery. I’ve gone over that before.

Something else he mentioned after doing the medical groping to check  my progress was the revisions. He’s really good at what he does but sometimes skin doesn’t knit together quite the way you’d expect so there are little places that could be nipped and tucked to improve the overall appearance.

One of the things was smoothing out the corners. In my opinion there is a spot on the right inside next to my cleavage that looks a bit squared off. That should have smoothed out by now but it hasn’t.

Another thing he mentioned is possibly doing a lift. I sort of froze like a deer in headlights for a few moments there. The lift was one of the reasons I lost my nipples last time. Of course I know there are no nipples to lose this time, I have to wonder HOW he’d do the lift without making them smaller. I’m also not too excited about the possibility of more scars.

Time to do some research on that.

Either way I let him know that I would most definitely NOT be opting for another surgery any time soon. Right now I don’t care about the oddly shaped corner or the slight pendulous appearance. I love my new breasts and I’m happy with what I have.

Right now I’m even happy with what I DON’T have. I’m content with not having nipples. That may change again as my mood is rather changeable. Dr. Elliott told me in our first consultation that there would come a time when I would be ready and I’ll know if or when that time comes.

In the mean time I’m protective of what I have and I’ll keep the Twins just the way they are for the time being.


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