Knock Hers

23 Jul

562605416_85d5998cc4I was at a business lunch this afternoon with one of our partners. After we covered the unpleasant portion of today’s dealings, we started talking about day to day stuff. He was telling us about a woman he met who had “the perfect package”. She was, according to him, intelligent, had a “good soul” and a “killer bod”.

She was also a stripper.

Of course, this got me really thinking. Is the “package” less perfect when one of those elements is missing? Of course if a woman is a total bitch, but is still intelligent and good looking, that’s going to count against her somewhat. If she’s not so smart, but kind hearted and good looking, that qualifies her for instant trophy wife status.

But what about people like me? I’m kind hearted, intelligent, but I’m overweight. I’m healthy and starting to work on the getting fit bit. But let’s face it, the smallest I’ve EVER been is a size 10. Today, that’s still considered fat.

Does it make me a less perfect package because I’m not a size 4? I’ve got to go with “No”.  First, I don’t think there IS such a thing as perfect package. Everyone has flaws. After a certain point in life, experience has given us each at least some little tidbit of baggage.

Second, I have to wonder how much those models who are supposed to be examples of perfection and beauty, actually ENJOY life? I’m sure that they would say they’re happy. But are they, really? It’s all well and good to be worshiped and adored. Eventually looks begin to fade and you’ve got to ether start nipping and tucking or bow out gracefully.

How much of a model’s day is spent counting calories and exercising? Far more than the average mortal, I can tell you that. I was actually reading a movie star’s blog a few days ago. She said she realized that it was getting ridiculous when she got pregnant and was thrilled that she could finally have A BANANA!

Now I’m not saying that it’s okay to eat a sundae the size of your head for dessert every night. What I’m saying is the obvious. There is FAR too much focus on being skeletally thin and not enough focus on being happy with yourself.

I wasn’t happy with my breasts so I had surgery.  I lost my breasts because I focused on what OTHER people thought I should look like. I bought into the idea of the “perfect package”.

I got news for you. I AM the perfect package baby!


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