The X Rated Episode

21 Jul


In previous episodes I’ve briefly covered sex and good positions to use while recovering. Now that I’ve recovered more, I’m going to be talking about the one thing that I think every man looks forward to when his partner has a gigantic set of knockers like mine.

Titty Fucking.

See? THIS is why I called this the X Rated episode. If you’re under 18 and still reading this, GO AWAY! Your Mommy’s calling. Imagine what your sweet little grandma would think about you reading this kind of thing. Go on now! Git!

Are they all gone? Good.

It’s been 13 weeks today since the surgery. A couple nights ago, after having talked about this for quite a while, we decided to try titty fucking. Sorry gang. I don’t know a more polite way of saying it. “Breast sex” just doesn’t cover what happens.

Hubby has been looking forward to this since before I had the initial surgery that went horribly wrong in October of 2007. Yes, he is a patient one. So I thought it was time he got his payoff.

It turns out that laying on my back while he straddled my chest really didn’t work very well. My back is apparently still very sensitive to pressure and all that weight on top of me was just too much. So we tried something a little different from the standard.

He lay on his back and I knelt between his legs, knees slightly under his thighs. Lube was applied to both his penis and my cleavage. Then I leaned over a bit and wrapped my breasts around his penis. He was the one who did all the moving. It sounds uncomfortable but it really wasn’t. From my vantage point I had the pleasure of watching his face as he moved.

Admittedly, watching him was the most pleasure I had from that particular escapade. But HE certainly enjoyed himself immensely. So much so he suggested we do it again SOON.


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