Someone Else’s Nipples 2

16 Jul

I’ve got to say that my meeting with Beach Gal (she asked that I not mention her name), was probably the most bizarre meeting I have ever had. We met at the Wal-Mart Ladies room and stepped into the handicapped stall. After talking for a few minutes about how happy she was to be able to help me out, she showed me the prosthetics on her breasts.

Paul matched her skin tone beautifully. They looked like real nipples and areolae. I was just surprised to see that they looked so…perfect. There was no asymmetry that I could see. They looked like circular cut outs.

It has been so long since I’ve really SEEN nipples that I had literally forgotten that they’re SUPPOSED to be that round. It took me coming home and looking on the net to confirm that, yes, that’s how they’re supposed to look. That’s how they look in nature.

Beach Gal also suggested something that I had never even thought of. Her idea was for me to make paper cutouts of different sizes and see which size looks the best on me. Sheer genius!

So I have an art project ahead of me. I’m not in as much of a hurry to do this as I thought I would be. I’m content for the moment. But as we all know, that’s subject to change from moment to moment.


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