Someone Else’s Nipples

14 Jul

The topic I’m revisiting today is prosthetic nipples.

I just got off the phone with a woman who actually HAS a pair of Paul Tanner’s prosthetic nipples Like me, she scoured the net for realistic nipple prosthesis. She had seen the results of what happens when reconstruction goes horribly awry. The person she told me about ended up with very uneven nipples and a really bad tattooing job. That’s not the only unsatisfactory results she has seen and heard of.

With the nipples she got from Paul, however, she is SO pleased that she doesn’t plan on having nipple reconstruction surgery. The only minor thing she talked about was that they felt a little bit heavy. There is an adhesive that goes on the back of them and then sticks to your skin. It lasts for 3-5 days. You can even SWIM in these!!

I’m meeting with her later today to see the actual prosthetics. She was really excited to show them to me and I’m actually excited to see them. We both agrees that, yes, it sounds kind of weird. BUT we both agreed that seeing them would actually help me make a more informed decision. After all, looking at pictures is hardly the same as actually seeing them in person and perhaps getting to touch them.

I’m really starting to repeat myself with the “I’ll report back” bit. Once I’ve seen these, I’ll let you all know more.


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