04 Jul

In previous installments I’ve talked about the changes that I’m going through and the adjustments I’m making now that the main part of the reconstruction is over with. From a purely clinical standpoint it’s interesting to stand back and watch the changes. From an internat standpoint it’s frustrating and gut-wrenching.

For those who have seen my photos, it’s obvious that I’m overweight. For the sake of my heath I should drop some pounds.  I’m not fit and surgical recovery aside, I have pretty low endurance. Ideally I should excercise and get in shape even if I do it slowly and take my time building up.

The problem is, I’m afraid to. I’m afraid of what will happen to the new Girls if I lose weight. They’re proportional now. Will they shrink if I drop weight? Will the skin get really loose and will I have to have another surgery to fix that? I feel stupid asking what *I* think sounds like inane questions. I know the new Girls are made of my own muscle, fat and skin. I just don’t  really know in what proportions.

I’m afraid that losing weight and having them shrink up alot would be like losing my breasts all over again. I *should* ask Dr. Elliott about it. I just feel like an idiot asking a question like that.


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