Emu Oil

01 Jul

A couple months ago I mentioned that I was starting to use something new to try to speed healing of that lovely little troubled spot. I had read that Emu Oil works wonders for many people. I’m here to weigh in on the subject.

Yes, it works. It speeds tissue growth. The problem for me was that it speeds tissue growth in the wrong places. Instead of allowing the skin to grow over the wound from the edges of separation, it grew new tissue in the middle of the wound that actually IMPEDED wound closure. So now we’re doing wet to dry bandages. I’ve explained that process in a previous post.

My conclusion: Emu oil works but you’ve got to be aware of precisely how it is applied.


One response to “Emu Oil

  1. Sophie

    July 2, 2009 at 10:55 pm


    This is fantastic. Great post!

    I have been using emu oil for my face and skin and have found it to be fantastic for dry skin.

    I have only recently developed stiff joints in the knee and some arthritic symtoms all over. I have started taking the emu oil capsules after a friend recommended to do so.

    Emu Oil is certainly helping there. Love to hear more from other people about this.


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