The Non-Infection Infection

25 Jun

I had my appointment with Dr. Guy’s people this morning at 11:15. There is good news afoot dear reader. According to Dr. Guy’s PA, the troublesome spot on my back is NOT infected. The white stuff is simply “flesh”. That IS a direct quote.

Unfortunately the flesh is inhibiting healing, so we’re back to doing wet-to-dry bandages. I have a follow up appointment in two weeks to check the progress. Hopefully by then the area will FINALLY be closed up.

For those not familiar with wet to dry bandages, I’ll explain. I believe I may have mentioned the profess in an earlier post but I’d hate for you to have to dig for it. When there is a fairly shallow wound in need of debreiding, the least painful ad least invasive way to do it and keep it relatively sterile is to use a wet-to-dry. Here, you take a piece of sterile gauze ad soak it thoroughly with saline. Then you pack it lightly into the wound so that it covers every bit of it, even into the corners. The wet then gets covered with dry gauze and taped. When it dries, the gauze adheres to the biological matter to be removed. When you pull it out to change it, it takes some of the matter with it. Then the process is repeated until the wound is clean.

Our bodies heal from the inside out. Following this process gives your body a clean bed from which to grow new flesh and eventually skin. It can be tedious and somewhat frustrating. Sometimes it only pulls off a little bit. I just keep focusing on the good news that it’s not infected.


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