The Next Great Saga

24 Jun

Now the fun truly begins. Ken has started his negotiations with the hospital. Since my reconstruction had to be paid for out of pocket, he has made it his mission to make sure we don’t pay any more than we absolutely have to. At his request we have already gotten an itemized copy of the bill.

In the realm of ridiculous pricing, the hospital charged $10 for a multi-vitamin and $12 for a calcium pill. That’s right. ONE PILL! They also charged us $32 for an Oxycodone. Ken paid $20 for a 30 day supply of that AND a prescription muscle relaxer FROM THE HOSPITAL PHARMACY!! These are just a couple examples of inflated pricing from a major Atlanta hospital.

With billing and prices like this it really is no wonder that our medical system is in the shape its in. If it’s not the insurance companies looking for any reason to bilk the customer, it’s the hospitals screwing the insuance companies. Or the pharmaceutical companies screwing the inurance companies. And since shit rolls downhill, the insurance companies, in turn, screw the consumer.

Getting screwed USED to be FUN!

Originally we negotiated a cash price for the hospital stay. If we had been insured, our insurance company would have had to pay a little over $24,000. Our discounted cash price was$14,600 with an up front payment of $8,200 due 10 days before my surgical date. As far as we can see, there is PLENTY of room to negotiate.

As usual I’ll keep you all up to date as the situation develops.


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