Ta-Ta Tuesday on Twitter

21 Jun

Since my #stripperfriday avatar (shown in another post below) was so popular, as the suggestion of a friend, I am officially founding #TaTaTuesdays on Twitter.

What is TaTaTuesday? It is a weekly event wherein anyone may take a TASTEFUL (Cover up nipples and areole) photo of their ta-tas and turn it into their icon for the day each Tuesday.  Be creative! Be inventive! Be awe inspiring! This is a fun event.

HOWEVER no one under the age of 18 should take part in this weekly event. This isn’t meant to be pornographic.

“Not pornographic?” you say? Allow me to explain. If you have read my blog, you know what I’ve been through and exactly how big a deal having breasts is for me. Stop the snickering. I didn’t mean “big” THAT way. I’ve gone shopping for tops that show them off to their best advantage. I now live in a world where a man once walked into a pillar because he was looking at my decollete. This is COMPLETELY new to me. So of course I want to have fun with it.

There are SO many women out there who hate their bodies. I want to encourage self love. I think having wonderful (and again I stress TASTEFUL) avatar images for one day a week will encourage just that.

Imagine getting compliments on how beautiful/amazing/sexy you look simply because you had the courage to do something fun and daring. So join me this Tuesday June 23 on Twitter for #TaTaTuesday and post your ta-ta avatar!


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