A Little “Soul”

14 Jun

This is something I haven’t done before here. I do think what the band “Collective Soul” is doing with new media is worthy of recognition though. Aside from Kirstie Alley, they are the only celebrity I have seen that actually TALKS to their fan base on Twitter. Collective Soul also has a fan line and will actually call fans BACK sometimes! Considering how insanely busy these guys are, I think that this *should* be the trend for Twitter celebrities. Sure some of them are following a few more people but I really think that’s more of a marketing ploy to gain more followers. And it’s that sort of thing that discourages me from following the average celeb on Twitter. Collective Soul and Kirstie are trend setters in this area and are definitely worth following BECAUSE they interact and that’s what Twitter is really about.

You can follow them yourself and support this new Trend here:

If you want to see what they’re up to, their blog is here:

And if you’re a stalker and want to see where they’re going to be touring:

Oh…wait… That should read “fan” 😀

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One response to “A Little “Soul”

  1. Elizabeth Alraune

    June 21, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    LOL – love your sense of humor/reality…”and if you’re a stalker…oh…wait…That should read ‘fan.'” I think many fans are at least 1 part stalker…although ratios may vary. Kinda funny to look down the list of categories in this blog, nothing really relating to this topic. It is so awesome what Collective Soul is doing to make people aware of what’s going on with them. If you’d like to connect on Twitter, and share what’s up for you, please say hey @JoLoPe.


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