iHurt ver. 2.0

11 Jun

The last four days I have been much more active than I have been for the last eight weeks. We had two days of running errands, two days in a row at the salon getting my hair done and then fixed when all FOUR tubes of pink dye were defective, resuming “normal activity” (ahem)…three times and recording another episode of Chipped Plate Chronicles, our food review podcast. Yesterday I spent clothes shopping. By the end of the day yesterday I had to take not one but TWO Darvocet halves. I was spiking a four on the Oh-My-God-It-Really-Fuckin-Hurts Scale. Number One Son noticed that I was breathing raggedly and practically MADE me take the second 1/2.

I can’t just relax today either. I’m having lunch with Number Two Son who needs to talk to me about some things. WHAT things, I have NO idea. This means I must drive to his place, drive to wherever we’re going to eat, probably Panera in Viera, drive BACK to his place and then home. It doesn’t *sound* like much, but when you’re already tired and sore, it is.

More than anything, it’s my back that’s hurting. Since I have to drive I really don’t trust my skills while on Darvocet. This means using the acetaminophen. That wouldn’t be an issue if I wasn’t pretty sure that it’s contributing to my bruising problem. Which puts me back on the new non-aspirin OTC pain med that doesn’t seem to work unless I take two. Which isn’t good because the package clearly stated that I should only take one at a time. Unlike many others, I don’t subscribe to the “if one is good, two is better” mentality.

The safest choice right now seems to be the acetaminophen. I’m just going to take it as slow as I can today and tomorrow I’ll spend the day resting. I don’t seem to have much choice otherwise. Number Two Son is dirt poor and he needs his gas money to get back and forth to work. I’ll just do the best I can. In the mean time, iHurt.


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