We Return You Now…

08 Jun

…to our regularly scheduled program already in progress. Remember that phrase from after news interruptions and the like? It seems pretty appropriate considering I’m about to approach a rather adult subject in pretty explicit terms: The resumption of sex.

What I’m going to share is probably obvious for anyone who has had surgery. Of course you wait until your doctor says you can “resume normal activity”. That’s usually Doc-Code for yes you can have sex again. The question is usually HOW? If you’ve been opened like a tin can, of course anything even vaguely athletic is out of the question. BUT your standard missionary position is pretty much out of the question since that rubs incisions on the front AND the back.

There are a couple of practical answers to the dilemma based on where the incisions are. If you’re like me and you’ve got sites on both the front AND back, the best solution I’ve found so far is an adjusted woman-on-top position. Normally you would sit straight up. DO NOT do that! You’ll put way too much pressure on your suture lines.

Anybody under 18 should NOT read any further. Go here instead if you are underaged: You’ll like Richard.

Anyway…moving on. The best way to handle hetero woman on top is to have your partner lie flat with his arms over his head. Place your knee half way up beside his ribs and slide the other leg over. Let him deal with the approach. You support yourself by planting your hands just beneath his armpits and lean forward so that your chest is lightly resting against his. This way his body is supporting you and you’re helping a little. Obviously he should be gentle. Also obviously if there is ANY pain, you should stop immediately.

If your incision in across your belly or abdomen, there’s an answer for you, too. Although your partner needs to have restraint with this one. Pile about 3-5 pillows on the edge of the bed. There needs to be enough to be comfortable and support your hips so that your back is at a 45 degree angle. Bend over the pillows with your knees on the bed and your tush in the air. Your partner should stand on the floor behind you. It’s sort of an adapted doggie style. BUT it needs to be stressed that your partner MUST be gentle though he may feel the desire to be more exhuberant.

Another solution for those women with incisions on the front OR back is Spooning. Lay on your side and let your partner do all the work. Just stay within your comfort level.

If there is anything I haven’t thought of, please contact me. I would love to add the ideas to this entry. Due credit will be given.


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