04 Jun

Something that isn’t talked about in depth very often is post surgical numbness.  I think I’ve mentioned before the large area on my back that is completely numb. What I find mind boggling is that my muscles ache and I can feel that, but the bra I was wearing rubbed the skin raw and left me with a big bruise and yet I felt nothing. Even though Amy at Dr. Elliott’s office said one week, I’m going to wait two weeks until I try the bra thing again.

Now, considering how the reconstruction was done, I can understand why I  have feeling in my cleavage and across the tops of my breasts. What’s interesting is it seems to be gradated. The further I get to my underarm, the more numb my breasts feel. As I’ve said before, with the Lat Flap, the tissue from my back was dragged through tunnels under my skin around to my chest. Of course there’s going to be nerve damage. It’s just a matter of how long it will take to repair itself.

It is my understanding that there may be permanat areas of numbness. Most people feel normal in about a year. It CAN take as long as two years to heal completely though. So we’ll be watching those areas closely for quite a while yet. In the mean time I did some research and found out that Emu Oil has been known to thicken skin so that it isn’t as delicate. So I will be sending Ken to pick some up and applying topically daily. As usual I will report on the results. I am hopeful that it will also improve the numbness since it heals wounds so rapidly.

Maybe I’ll just bathe in the stuff.


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