I Am Disinclined

30 May

Up until a few days ago I was sleeping either completely upright or at a 45 degree angle. Sleeping at an incline kept me from being in pain while I slept. For the most part anyway. Where I once had a dozen pillows I am now down to three: two regular pillows and one hospital pillow. I have even been able to turn on my side. Though I confess that initially there is a searing pain in my chest. That subsides in a few moments though and I am able to sleep. It has taken six weeks but I am finally getting back to most of my old sleep habits.

There IS one problem though. I used to be able to fold my hands up under my chin and sleep like that. The Twins are so big though, I just can’t get my hands to fit where they used to. So now one hand rests under a pillow and the other rests along my side. My fingers against my thigh is really distracting though. I’m not used to feeling anything, even myself, touching my leg while I’m trying to sleep. But hands folded up under my chin simply compress the Twins too much. So I’m just going to have to make that adjustment.

For now, I continue to make progress with my healing. I am, after all, disinclined.


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