Girly Girl

28 May

Today I went back and re-read a post from right before my surgery in April entitled “I Am Not A Girly Girl, Am I?” I am still rather torn over the question. Today I intentionally wore a very revealing top <see the photo below> because I have been wanting to wear this since before my surgery. In my opinion it is a, for me, very feminine top.

When I went bra shopping in Atlanta, I chose frilly, lacey, flowery bras and matching panties. It is only now that I have ordered a couple non-dressy bras for day to day wear. Before we went out to run errands today I even took the time to put on moisturizing sun block. These are all things that I did not do before my surgery.

I was considering today when (not IF) I should break out my blue corset and start sizing it for DragonCon in August. I was also thinking about my Ren Faire wardrobe and wondering how much of that was going to have to be sold because it simply doesn’t fit my new chest size. Much of my Renn Faire wardrobe consists of Elizabethan, Empire and French Provincial gowns. There are also indivisual mix and match pieces that go with skirts and bodices. There are a few pieces of pirate garb but mostly it’s girly stuff.

On the other hand, the only time I wear makeup is if t’s a special occasion OR I get a wild hair. Those are very infrequent. The last time I wore makeup AND a dress was our 13th wedding anniversary. We went on a romantic dinner cruise on the river. Part of the reason I don’t wear makeup is that I have sensitive skin. I have yet to find anything I can wear for more than a couple days in a row that doesn’t break me out. The other reason is that I work at home so I have no real reason to wear makeup on a regular basis. I also have a hard time buying into the hype that seems to go along with the cosmetics industry. So what if my skin tone isn’t completely even or my pores are a bit enlarged? Really  it  is  no  big  deal. I wish the “fashion experts” would stop making it sound like if you don’t have a perfect complexion that there’s something wrong with you.

Perhaps this is just a phase. After all, the Twins ARE like a shiny new toy. Maybe in a year or so I’ll be back to wearing oversized tshirts and cargo shorts instead of more form fitting fare. Right now I really don’t know though I suspect that eventually I will find a balance between comfort and girly.

My New Fav Top


2 responses to “Girly Girl

  1. Carol

    May 28, 2009 at 8:43 pm

    Damn. You look Great.

    I know a renaissance seamstress taht can make ANYTHING…

    • boobcast

      May 29, 2009 at 9:56 am

      Thanks! As a matter of fact, I DO know someone who can make ANYTHING. She should put up her email so that readers can contact her if they want to 😉


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