26 May

A couple days ago I finally tried turning on my side to sleep. Initially there was a moderate searing pain in my chest and then it settled down once my body adjusted to the new sleep position. The problem wasn’t so much my chest or back. My back has become very nearly a non-issue now that the drain sites are healing so well and the muscles and skin have relaxed.

The problem turned out to be my shoulder and right arm. It went painfully numb so that I was struck with nearly immobilizing pain from both there and my chest trying to get off of it.  So the moral of THAT story is…what? Try not to sleep so deeply?? I’m not taking anything beyond acetaminophen so it’s not meds making me sleep that soundly. My body is still healing and needs its rest.

I’m still sleeping on a pile of hospital pillows. Maybe if I change to just the wedge shape foam pillow under my regular pillows I can remedy that situation to some extent. I’ve already rearanged the hospital pillow pile so that I’m sleeping at a 45 degree angle rather than upright like I had been. It’s more comfortable that way.

This morning was actually the first morning I woke up without needing to immediately take something for pain. Oddly enough my back is aching more than my chest.  Since Ken had his car at the mechanic I decided that I was going to do some work in the office this morning.

We had 20 messages in voicemail to be dealt with, so I proceeded to make notes about which of our customers needed to be called back, who wanted catalogs and deleted the hang ups. By the time I was done, I was amazed to discover that I was absolutely exhausted. It seems totally bizarre to me that making notes about phone messages could be so hideously draining. I guess it’s a good thing that the mechanic couldn’t work on the car today after all (they need to order a part first).

After a long rest, I grabbed up my keys and drove around the neighborhood. I think I’m able to drive short distances, but anything beyond a few miles would be taxing for me. My underarms are still tight. Overhand turns are easier than they were before but my chest was still tender. All in all, not bad for just shy of six weeks.


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