That’s What They Call Progress

25 May

As is par for the course I spent the day doing very little.  Mostly I spent it just recovering from the extended trip home and the extra-long visit to Disney World.  I’ve been really tired today and even took a nap this afternoon. Extra sleep aside, I’ll be going to bed at a decent hour tonight.

I must admit that I am feeling better. I’ve only taken three rounds of acetominaphen today. I’m also thinking about driving for the first time since my surgery tomorrow.  Ken has to take his Beetle over to the mechanic to have the air conditioning looked at. It’s been blowing warmer air for the last two weeks and with summer coming on fast here in central Florida, that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Rather than let him be stranded at the mechanic all day, I’m thinking of trying to drive over to beachside and pick him up. I *think* I’ll be able to handle driving but I really have no way of knowing whether I can or not until I actually try.

Instead of trying to head directly out on the highway, I’ll probably start by taking a loop around the neighbornood. That will give me a good idea as to how limited I am in my turning radius. A few weeks ago the very idea of making broad overhanded turns was enough to make me cry. Now, I think I can manage it.

I’ve noticed that when I get up and down if I have more breast support, I have less pain. The shelf bra tank tops that I had previously thought of as too tight now give a little added support. Another thing that helps is sliding one arm under my breasts and holding them in place as I get up.

I’ll update again tomorrow and report on how well the foray into driving goes.


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