The Long And Winding Road

24 May

We FINALLY got home at midnight last night. We would have been home much sooner but there was a torrential downpour in Orlando yesterday evening for about 90 minutes.  We ended up in the small covered area right next to the entrance for the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. Ken and I had the only two dry spots in there after the revolving families in wet ponchos and drenched teens paraded through the small area.

On the way home we listened to Scott Sigler’s Bloodcast-Season 1. ( Again, if you haven’t listened to any of Sigler’s works or read any of his books, you are SERIOUSLY missing out. *I* still want to know what happened to that little kid that got sucked down the mud puddle. And just WHAT was that big blue thing in “Wolf”??

Listening to those was a great way to take my mind off the discomfort. I keep saying that I learned my lesson three weeks ago about pushing myself. And again two weeks ago. But…I haven’t. After the long trip back from Atlanta, we spent about 10 hours at Disney. You wouldn’t think sitting in a wheelchair and occasionally getting up and down would be that exhausting. If it had just been a trip to Disney, I don’t think I would be this sore, tired and tender today. We’re also contemplating a trip back over there on Monday.

Yes, boys and girls, I AM a glutton for punishment. If I feel like this tomorrow though, the only place I’ll be going is back to bed.  Either that or I’ll be sitting on the couch staring at the TV again.

It’s difficult for me to know what activities, beyond the obvious, will be pushing myself and what will simply be stretching my limits so that I regain flexibility and muscle tone faster. I hear from my Mom that it takes about 6 weeks to feel “normal” again from a standard operation. I hear from other people that it takes 2-4 weeks to recover from this procedure. On another website I read that it takes 3-6 weeks to resume normal activities. Since I want to be back to my old self, I push my limits either intentionally or unintentionally so that I WILL be back to my old self when I’m supposed to be.

I have to wonder about trying to make myself conform to those time frames. The 2-4 week time frame got me in trouble and I ended up hurting myself. The six week time frame is coming up on Thursday. If I don’t move around, I won’t recover. If I move around too much I hurt myself and have a setback. I really don’t have any idea where the happy median lies in this.

I know that I cannot just sit here and watch TV or I’ll be constantly stiff and sore. I do get up and move around. I actually organized my lingerie drawer earlier. I finally threw away my orphaned socks, added the old surgical bras to the “donate” pile and reorganized the drawer. That made room for the new pretties I picked up at Intimacy on Friday. So I really am managing to do things here and there. I’m just doing fewer things and I’m doing them slowly.

It’s frustrating for me though. I have so many plans and I want to get going with them but instead of heading down the highway at speed I feel like I’m taking a Sunday drive along the back country roads at 20 mph. I guess healing really IS a long and winding road.


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