Doctor Place

21 May

Yesterday was my one month check up with Dr. Elliott. After taking the tape off from over all the suture lines he announced that everything is looking fantastic. Even the spot on my back is just superficial. So I don’t need to see him again until after DragonCon in September!! WOOHOO!!

There is a red area just above the top suture line on my right breast and very mild bruising on the top of the left breast still but after prodding, Dr. Elliott said that he isn’t at all concerned. There is no thickening under the skin, it isn’t hot to the touch and there is no indication of infection. He thinks that it’s just the way my body is. So I’m going to defer to his expertise.

He also told me that I should leave the tape off the suture line for a week and give the areas a good (but GENTLE) scrub down with soap and water each time I shower. Then, next Wednesday, we’re to retape everything. I’m going to have to call next week and find out how long he wants me to leave the tape on this second time.

There was just one little tiny thing though. As the nurse took off the tape on the top, right side near the red spot, my skin actually tore open just a teeny tiny bit. They are just topical openings and very superficial though. It looks like I had been lightly scratched by a cat in two spots about 1/2 an inch long.

I have been unable to find any references to thin or delicate skin after my type of breast reconstruction. Perhaps it is simply my biology. It’s such a little thing though that I don’t really see a reason to worry about it. If it happens again, then I’ll worry about it. Right now I’m not going to borrow trouble.

The right side drain site is still leaking just a tiny bit of serous fluid. It also itches abominably at times which tells me it is healing. Annoying yes but it IS a step forward. It is still a bit tender but nothing like it was when the drain was still in.

We’ll be headed home to Florida tomorrow morning. On the way we’re going to meet up with my Mom. She hasn’t seen me since the surgery. I think she’s going to be absolutely stunned.

Which reminds me, I need to email the “After” Shot to my Dad. He’ll want to see that everything is just fine and he doesn’t need to worry anymore.


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