F. Wait, wha??

20 May

Today Dr. Elliott cleared me to wear a  bra. Since it has been 2 years since I last wore one, shelf bras excluded, of course, I followed the advice of the people on and went to a place here in Atlanta at Phipps Plaza. It’s called Intimacy ( and they carrry some absolutely STUNNING bras for large cup sizes well beyond D.

First they had me fill out a little paperwork so they would have on record what I had been looking for in a bra. Then I was taken back to the fitting room where Alexa did what she called a “visual fitting”. They don’t use tape measures there. After a brief moment of looking at my back, she was done. Then she brought me a few to look at. I fell in love with the flowery, lacy stuff right away. So  She went back and picked out a few more things for me to try. The brand is called Prima Donna and the collection is shown on their website.

As far as trying bras on, she  helped me slip on the shoulder straps and then had me bend over slightly so that the Twins fell into place in the cup. Finally she hooked it in back on the first set of hooks. She said the reason for that was because these bras DO stretch over time. Once it has gotten stretchy on the third hook then I can bring it in and have it altered for free.

Alexa brought three rounds of 5 bras for me to try. I settled on five along with the matching panties. Unfortunately they only had three of the five in stock so she’s having the others shipped to me. Five is a good start. She advised that I don’t wear the same bra every day. It makes them break down faster. I also bought their fabric cleaner and a mesh bag to wash them in. They are to be washed on the hand washable setting on cold. There is also a 30 day return policy if something doesn’t work out right.

Hubby doesn’t have any real idea how much I spent. I won’t give the full amount here since he reads this blog sometimes and I don’t want him to be frightened out of his wits. What I CAN say is that you should expect to pay quite a bit more than department store prices. It IS worth it though. I put on one set and was promptly molested by Hubby.

Even the thin, frilly bras are specially engineered for extra support. Between this, the free alterations and the reported durability with proper care, I firmly believe these are worth every penny I spent.

By now you’re probably wondering what’s with the title. The “F” refers to my new cup size. Had I NOT gotten fitted professionally, I would have gone with the 44 DDD that a website on bra fitting said I should be wearing.  Even if you don’t buy anything from Intimacy, I really feel that every woman should have a professional fitting done by them. According to statistics, 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. This leads to back pain, dented shoulders and breasts that degrade faster from lack of proper support.

What was really hilarious is that after I put on my outfit for this evening with one of my new bras on, Hubby’s jaw dropped. He said “Wow! Gazongas!!”

I think he likes the new, improved Twins.


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