Sucking Rocks Through A Straw

16 May

This is an older draft I found but I really feel like the issue of prescription drug addiction and the healing process in general calls for me to post this. Enjoy 🙂

5/10/09: This morning I faced the conundrum that most surgical recoverees will face at some point: Hit the top of the pain charts by getting up or wet the bed. I had been blissfully asleep until my bladder woke me. Apparently it had also been quite some time since I had taken my last pain pill.  So I laid there debating which was worse: Pain or Embarrassment.

I took Door Number One there Monty Hall.

Side Note: Speaking of Monty Hall and Let’s Make A Deal, *I* think that was an early instance of cosplay on the part of the contestants.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program: And I was right. My chest was screaming louder than it had since the end of Week 1. I’m starting to feel a bit like for every two steps forward I take, there’s generally this one little backwards stumble. First there was the over doing it with walking. Then it was the non-infection infection, Then came the Elephant with Barbed Wire Boots followed by the Darvocet Disappointment. Now this.

Recovery, while it IS a good thing and DOES continue forward, just has days where it sucks rocks through a straw.

In the mean time I’m still waiting for the Hydrocodone to kick in all the way. It’s better but there’s still pressure and the occasional muscle pain. Soon though. I can actually take deep breaths without wincing. That’s progress.

I’ve got to be careful about how often I take the Hydrocodone now though. I thought I had more than I do and every one of those halves is precious. Granted I DO have the muscle relaxers and those work too. So I’m just going to have to figure this out. OR I could do the smart thing and ask for a refill on the Hydrocodone IF it comes to that. Maybe Dr. Elliott will do it and be glad I’m off the Oxy. And for the record kids, I REALLY understand why doctors make that a short term med. It’s SO very addictive. When you’re on Oxy, you’re wrapped in a cottony cocoon where nothing bad ever happens and the world is filled with caviar dreams and champagne wishes. It’s a wonderful place that you really never want to leave. So of course at the first inkling of pain…even low level pain, you just pop that wonderful little pill and you’re back in that safe, warm place again. I could very easily see myself becoming addicted  to it. So as much as I complained, it really is a good thing that Dr. Elliott switched me to hydrocodone.


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