Turning A Corner?

12 May

Two days ago I was talking to my mother, who has been through MUCH more medical crap that any human being should EVER have to endure. She said that soon I would have to start learning to differantiate between pain and stiffness. There IS a difference. Pain does not improve with movement. In fact movement simply makes pain worse. Stiffness, however, is eased with movement until the body feels nearly normal again.

This morning I woke after only about four hours of sleep feeling very sore and stiff. I went to use my usual method of rolling out of bed only to discover that it was MUCH easier to get up. I was really surprised. It’s actually a bit of a shock at how quickly I seem to have started turning a corner. There are still spots, like my triceps, that hurt but don’t top out at more than a 1 on the pain scale.  Of course the spot where I ripped the stitch is still a but tender. All in all things are getting easier though.

I am by no means totally there and I’m going to have to take things slow still to make sure that I don’t  overdo and really hurt myself. I still have muscle relaxers for when I need them and two different types of pain meds if and/or when I should need those.

I think the thing that’s the worst right now is the lack of sleep. I’m so very tired right now but I can’t really sleep. I just got up. I need to eat because I’m nauseous from lack of sleep and I’ve GOT to move around more. Plus there is morning maintainence to be done. I’m just so tired. I’ll probably take a nap in a bit after everything else has been accomplished.

In the mean time, I’m relieved that it looks like I may finally be turning a corner.


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