Post Surgical Depression

12 May

From what I’ve been reading, lots of people go through this. Whether it’s hip replacement, heart surgery, cosmetic surgery or something else altogether, many people have bouts of post surgical depression. Personally, as happy and relieved as I am to have this done with, I never expected to be one of those people.

At first I had no idea why I was crying. So I broke out my laptop and googled the subject. The more I read, the more I began to understand. I expected to just have new pretty breasts and then go on with my life. I was fairly active before the surgery, able to accomplish thing and now there are times when I can’t get up without help. I expected to recover faster. I expected something different and sometimes I’m scared that because I’m not recovering faster maybe there’s something wrong.

Logically, expecting to be back to my old self in a little over 3 weeks might be a bit unreasonable. A part of me still thinks that I should be able to do everything I was able to do before April 16th. I still think that I SHOULD be able to do more than I’m doing. When I realize I can’t, it’s kind of a brutal wake up call. I have to remind myself that this is recovery and that there is nothing wrong. How I feel is supposedly normal.

My reading tells me that post surgical depression is caused by a number of factors. It could be anesthesia, which stays in the system up to a month. It could be a side effect of the pain meds. It could be unmet mental expectations. Pain, discomfort, disturbed sleep and constipation can also contribute to post surgical depression. All in all, according to my reading, if you’re not feeling like yourself and you expect to, like I do, that’s really going to wear on you.

I just wish I knew what to do about this.


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