My First Successful Outing

09 May

I’m really liking how well the Hydrocodone is working for me. It *does* make me sleepy but that really isn’t a bad thing. Extra sleep helps my body heal faster so I can’t complain. I am SO much more functional with this med than with the Oxy or the Darvocet.

This afternoon, as mentioned previously, I called Dr. Guy’s office and talked to a couple of her people. They, of course, had to verify that Dr. Elliott had indeed contacted her office. After that breif wait, I was given an appointment time of 4pm. Funny thing when the woman on the phone asked if that was an ok time I said sure and let her know where we would be comming from. She said “Really? Where in Palm Shores”

“Palm Shore Estates”

“Really? Where at?

So I gave her my address and she replied excitedly “Get OUT! I live at _______” Turns out she lives just around the corner from us!

Anyway, long story short (Too late for that) We got there at 4 and the left drain was pulled from my back. One down one to go. Now the PA was intrigued by the incisions on my back because she had never seen a Latissimus Flap done before. So of course I excitedly asked if she wanted to see my new boobies. (Yes, I’ve turned into a bit of an exhibitionist). She was quite impressed with Dr. Elliott’s work and was very happy for me.

I’ve decided that next year I’m going to Mardi Gras. My goal is to earn enough beads that I don’t have to wear a shirt.

After visiting Dr. Guy’s office, Ken and I went to see the new Star Trek. Even though I was spiking a 4 on the 1-10 Oh-My-God-It-Really-Fuckin-Hurts scale by the time the movie was over, it was worth every little bit of owchies. I’m not so sure I’m up for a long trip yet. We may just have to wait and see. Perhaps Sunday will be a Disney Day. It really depends on 1) How I’m feeling and 2) Whether my kids are planning anything for Mother’s Day.


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