A Pain In The Drain – Part 2

09 May

Twice a day we do what we’ve come to  called Morning or Evening Maintenance. That’s when the one remaining drain gets milked and gauze gets changed out as needed. This morning when Ken was changing the bandage on my back he found that the gauze around the remaining drain had a dime-sized area of dried blood on it. Apparently I did some damage to myself last night after all. The more Ken  gently pulled off the gauze the more he could see that I HAD ripped out a stitch. He very gingerly trimmed it off and re bandaged the area. Since it was only one of the stitches holding in the drain, it’s not a big deal. There’s still one other doing its job. The area is VERY tender, but it will be alright in a few days.

It’s really depressing because I wanted to try going to Disney today. Maybe tomorrow?


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