Wheee? Oui!

08 May

I just don’t know HOW I’m going to manage going to Dr. Guy’s office today for drain removal. I’m dizzy and a tad bit nauseous. I think it might be from taking the hydrocodone on an empty stomach. I asked Ken to pour me a bowl of cereal, so I’m hoping that food will stem the tide of the nausea.

Yesterday the left drain only yielded 20mls of serous fluid so I need to get the drain out. I don’t even have to SEE Dr. Guy. I just need one of her people to nip the stitches that are holding the drain in place and remove the drain. What the other nurse had me do to remove the drains in my chest was to take a deep breath in then, as I exhaled, she pulled it out. The exhaling keeps the victim…er, patient, from gasping or clenching up and possibly squeaking from surprise. It doesn’t really hurt to have them removed. It’s more of a surprise.

I’ll report back after drain removal.


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