Happy Anniversary Girls!

07 May

This time three weeks ago today I was in the recovery room. My dear hubby took notes and saved them for me so that I could post them here when there was time. So to commemorate three weeks of being blissfully happy with the new Twins, I am posting what he wrote here. Bear in mind, I don’t remember ANY of what follows because, well, the Relaxing Juice is REALLY good stuff.

The nurse administered a relaxing drug called  “don’t care juice” This was around 12:45.

Hiccups from either the don’t care juice or the anti nausea pills. : I SERIOUSLY don’t remember this

Tickle monster would not work because the hiccups were chemically induced. Though they passed pretty fast.

Less then 10 minutes she was yawning.

Air pressure calf  blood clot reducers put on at about 15 minutes: They are like sleeves that slip on over your lower legs. Then intermittently they pump up. This is to reduce the chance of blood clots during and after surgery.

Fight or flight response went away as don’t care drug took effect: Yes kiddies I had a few minutes where I wanted to cancel the surgery and RUN

Starting to fall asleep at 15 minutes.: This is 15 min after the “I Don’t Care” just was administered

Off to surgery, gave Maria a hug and kiss and told her I’d see her in a few hours. “ A few minutes to me”. The nurse said yes a few minutes to you. Again I REALLY don’t remember any of this.

Now I wait and wait.

2.30P they called down that the surgery was going well. No problems

Had some problems getting on Twitter but I tweeted the status on both accts. As well as status on both facebook accts.

Out of surgery at about 5.00 everything went exactly as planned

Got to Maria’s room about 7.30 Rm. 324 Nice. All the rooms are private at this hospital.

They’re not very cohesive notes but all things considered I think he did a fantastic job. Personally I’m glad SOMEONE remembers all of this cause i sure as hell don’t.


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