Darvocet Disappointment

07 May

Yesterday I tried using the new pain killer, Darvocet, that Dr. Elliott prescribed. It only worked for 2 and a 1/2 to 3 hours at a whack. The script was for every four hours. There was no WAY I could have made it four hours. Because of it I found a new type of pain in my chest. There was an elephant wearing barbed wire boots standing on my chest. Not to mention the overpowering nausea even WITH the anti-nausea patch. There was also the MAJOR dizziness. Darvocet just doesn’t work for me.

Ken has called twice now but Thursday IS a surgery day. There’s a chance we won’t hear from nnyone until late this afternoon. The scary thing is that I’m down to 1/2 an oxy. When that’s gone I have to go back to the Darvocet. Or maybe just a muscle relaxer will do the trick.

While I was typing, Suzanne from the office called to let me know that dr. Elliott was headed for the airport. Ten minutes after that he called. He’s going to call in the script for me. I DID have to make a case for it though. I argued for just another weeks worth and explained that I really felt that this was only temporary. In another week the Darvocet would probably work just fine. And I’m really taking SUCH a small ammount and it lasts longer than the Darvocet. So he agreed.

I’m guessing that Ken will be able to pick it up in about an hour or so.

In other good news, I actually slept through the night! Went to sleep around 11 and woke up about 12 hours later. I’m so relieved. I DID wake up and go to the bathroom at one point. With a few hypnosis techniques (counting breaths and visualization) I was able to go right back to sleep. If anyone is intereted in learning more about those techniques I’m happy to answer any questions.


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