Your Wake Up Call

06 May

2 am is becoming some kind of freaking magic number I’m starting to dread. I woke up slowly this time though. I had hoped that a dose of Darvocet would put me back to sleep. No such luck. So I got SLOWLY out of bed. Rolling is a GREAT way to get up but I was starting to feel like hundreds of tiny people were raising me as an Egyptian monolith. Once upright I felt loads better, so I went for a breif walk. I hadn’t realized that our sprinkler system is set for that early hour. I almost got a nasty surprise but heard the hissing spitting sound before I ran into the jet of water.

I didn’t start this entry until about 5:15 am and I just took another dose of Darvocet. It’s already starting to make me sleepy. That’s the thing I’ve noticed so far. I was loopy but a bit more coherent on the Oxycodone. The Darvocet just makes me sleepy as it kicks in and kills the pain. Either that or it’s the fact that I only slept about 2 and 1/2 hours. Who knows? But that was an hour more than I had slept on previous nights when I’ve woken up at this hour.

As I take more of the Darvocet I’ll be able to do more of a compare-and-contrast as time goes on.. In the mean time I think I might actually get back to sleep before 7 am.

The realtor is coming over tomorrow morning around 11:30 so that we can officially take the house off the market. With the national credit situation the way it is and the fact that we’ve had to pay for this surgery completely out of pocket we’re not going anywhere any time soon.


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