Yes Virginia There IS a “Splort”

05 May

Ever have one of those moments when you hear a noise that you only thought existed in comic books? While Ken was milking drains earlier, I actually heard “splort” from my left drain as he was emptying it! It was a surreal moment that I’ll probably forget.

While I *knew* it, it didn’t really register until today. For the last 16 days my oral pain pill has been Oxycodone. I now understand why people pay big bucks on the street for these. I also understand why they’re so addictive. I’m going to miss this gentle feeling of being cocooned in a cloud just floating through my day. I’ve been taking just a 1/4 dose for about week and a half and it STILL whacks me out. But the fun is just about over. I only have a little bit left of the Oxy. Today they switched me over to Darvocet and that’s just not the same. I’ll start taking those as needed since I just took a 1/2 an Oxy.

I once had a friend who took Oxy for his back pain. I can’t understand HOW he could take them and be SO angry. It’s just the opposite for me. Although I SHOULD add that I had a couple instances of very uncharictaristic angry outbursts. One of which I gently cupped Hubby’s naughy bits and threatened bodily harm if he hurt me while milking the drain on the right side again. That is SO not like me. It had to have been a mix of the pain and the meds.

I DID let myself go a little too long before taking this dose. So I can give a description of the pain. My chest feels like someone is scraping the inside of my new breasts with steel wool. My cleavage feels like someone is either slowly pressing a shiny metal spike there or intermittently stabbing me with a chisel. And then there’s the sudden searing pain like beifly having someone drag a white hot bar of steel under my skin.

I’m just glad I have good drugs.


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