Listless In Melbourne

05 May

It’s 2 am and here I am awake again. I woke up and HAD to move around. So I got out of bed and went for a walk. About 100 yards this time there and back. I’m taking things MUCH slower now. My body seems to be making me take things slower now.

Literally everything seems to be slower now. My day goes by casually as I watch the Home and Garden network. I’m really learning ALOT. Like most of the furniture in the living room is just too big for the space. It would look better with two smaller chairs and a couple ottomans instead of the paired recliner and a love seat. We’ve also got to get rid of the gigantic column piece that is holding the Wii, the TiVo, the old reciever and the DVDs.

In the kitchen, the old, dated dark cabinets need to be painted a much lighter shade. I would LOVE to paint them white and then dry brush them with a color in the Rose Grey Silestone counter tops. The border acting as a backsplash also needs to go away although my husband is fighting me a bit on this. He likes the color scheme. *I* think we can find something that works better. Border is so dated now. I’m just not sure what to replace it with.

Thanks to the wonders of modern pain pills, I’m able to look at things differently. As much as I love herbalism and aromatherapy, I’m toying with the idea of a career change. Or at least the addition of something more mainstream like home staging and redecorating. Perhaps throw in a little landscaping to boot for a more mainstream skillset and I MIGHT actually make some money.

I discovered that Haverhill is most likely a scam so I’m looking at QC Design School.

See? This is part of my listlessness. I cant seem to sit still mentally either. I do refuse to make any major life decision while under the influence of pain meds though. Talk about a disasterous way to plan my future. Perhaps I’ll look into it more when I’ve recovered. And after I’ve done the kitchen fix-up that I want to do. Which will bring me up to August and my next class at ACHS. So maybe I’ll just keep this idea on the back burner for a while.

Along a more medical vein, something weird I’ve noticed is that when I get up, the muscles in my chest flex rapidly and almost feel like they’re trying to shift. Of course they’re not going anywhere. I just find the healing of the nerves interesting. Gross motor action seems to come back first. I’m guessing they’ll twitch less the more they heal because the nerves will become more refined in their action. I’ll report more on this as the healing progresses and I make observations.

And a note about surgical drains. Sometimes I can feel the end of the drain rolling a bit and pinching under my skin. Gentle manipulation usually fixes the problem. Its just another bizarre thing linked to this surgery and recovery process.


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