Infection Update

04 May

Hmm. Is it an infection update if there really isn’t an infection?

Yes boys and girls we  have a consensus. Dr. Elliot feels that there isn’t anything to worry about. The new sites are not infected and the pictures look pretty good. Patti, his PA also is of the mind that the tiny spot on my left breast is what she called a “stitch spit”. That means that my body literally spit out a bit of suture. In other words it’s no big deal and the sutures aren’t opening up.

So I worked myself up into a total mental meltdown over nothing. Patti took the time to reassure me that I am TOTALLY allowed to melt down and be emotional. She let me know that what I’m feeling is perfectly normal considering my history. Dr. Elliott also told me that using my own tissue for the the reconstruction really was the best choice. He reaffirmed that I was definitely right to insist on no implants. The lack of implants is actually going to speed my healing time because my body doesn’t have to adjust to a foreign object or try to heal around it.

I’m still going to finish out my antibiotics though because the initial spot under my right breast WAS very slightly infected. That’s looking MUCH better. The redness is gone and soon I’ll be able to go back to just tape over all the sutures.

Since this is an update, I wanted to mention, too that the left side drain in my back was down to 30 mls in 24 hours yesterday. If that holds true again today, tomorrow we’ll call Dr. Roxanne Guy’s office and have one of her people take out that drain! YAY!

The drain on the right is still producing substantial levels of serous fluid and a bit of tissue. I’m just thrilled to bits that I discovered the heating pad trick I mentioned in a prvious installment. The heating pad really helped move out the long string of biological matter that was causing SO much pain while it was trying to come out of my back.

Between that and using my thumbnail to gently break it up as it came out, stripping the drains became a MUCH less traumatic and painful experience.


2 responses to “Infection Update

  1. Erin

    May 10, 2009 at 11:57 pm

    Love the blog…here’s the deal, check out (; seriously. I ran into them looking for breast reconstruction surgeons. They have a great way to find the best surgeons and it is completely free. I have used them a couple times now.


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