Drugged-Free Zone

02 May

When Ken woke me up at noon I was surprised to discover that I didn’t immediately need to pop a 1/2 a Percocet. The only thing I had going on was very tight back muscles that seem to stem from not moving around for the last 6 hours. So I just grabbed a couple acetainophen and we’ll see how that works.

Again, if the next post consists of a bunch of OWs, you’ll know the results of this foray into the drugged-free zone.

The infection is clearing up nicely.

One more note. Ken told me this morning that he thinks he know why the right hand drain is so sensitive. There is about a 1 and a 1/2 to 2 inch of biological matter in the drain. It isn’t keeping the fluid from passing but it’s possible that when more tries to come out, that it causing pain. Ken tried to clear it but it hurts SO much that I told him NO. I explained to him by cupping a very sensative area and letting him know that I would show him in a very visceral way that he could clearly understand that it hurts and he shouldn’t do that any more.


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