ow ow Ow OW OW!!

30 Apr

Today is the two week anniversary of my surgery.  Even with the minor infection, which is being addressed with twice daily doses of Cephalexin and polysporin ointment topically, everything seems to be progressing well.

My back, where it has felt corseted for the last two weeks, is finally relaxing. The muscles aren’t having spasms like they were. They’re also not rock hard like they were last week. The main point of pain these days is the right hand drain in my back. Right now the pain level is about a 4 spiking up to as high as a 7. Hurts like a muthafucker. That site has been very sensitive from the beginning. Ken looked at it tonight and he said it looks a little red. That could be from the yanking around he’s been giving it. I’ve really come to dread having anything to do with that drain because it IS so sensative. I’ll just be glad when these last two drains are out.

Ocassionally, to make matters worse, Ken will mess up while stripping the drain. He made me cry tonight because he got distracted and started out on the wrong hand.

Here’s a helpful hint for all you people who are stipping drains for your loved ones. FOCUS. Focus 100% on what you are doing because the last thing you want is to cause the one you love the kind of pain that reduces them to tears.

The level of serous fluid in a 24 hour period is still dropping stedilly. I’m hoping by Monday the drains will be ready to come out. Right now the left side, milliliter-wise, is in the low 40s and the right is in the high 50’s-low 60’s. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens over the weekend.


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