26 Apr

You wouldn’t think washing your hair and body would be this exhausting. I just got done with my second shower since surgery and I’m really tired. I feel like I’ve been at Disney on an 18 hour marathon. My back is spasming to a Morse Code beat. I wonder if it is spelling out SOS?

I’ve dressed because all of my Jammies are dirty and have clambered back into bed. The longer I sit here and relax, the less fanatical the spasms get. That’s something of a relief. I was starting to feel like a telegraph station.

I may have pushed it a bit while I was up. After I dressed, I fed and watered Chela (our Umbrella Cockatoo), opened his blinds and turned on his TV,  put Spray n Wash on all the stained Jammies in the laundry room, threw them into the washer and turned off the livingroom lights that had been left on over night.

It may not seem like much but it really is a lot considering up til recently my main activity has been sitting and staring or typing. Even typing wears me out a bit. Now and then I have to stop for a minute, rest and then get back to it

I actually expected the aftermath of my shower to be more demanding. The tape over the sutures stayed MUCH better than I expected it would. It helped, too, that I had Hubby to wash and dry my back. There’s no way I could have reached at this point.

Although, if you don’t have someone to help, a good way to wash your back is to pick up a long handled puffy thing at your local Wal-Mart or Bed Bath & Beyond. That will give you the extra reach since we all lack flexibility at this point.

In one of these installments soon I’ll be talking about the mental adjustment to having breasts. Believe me, when you’ve been ignoring that region of the body for 18 months, there IS an adjustment to make.


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