Nausea Part Deux

22 Apr

As you may have read in an earlier post, I’ve been battling nausea since waking up this morning. I finally managed to fight it into submission. Since he had to go run errands anyway, I sent Ken to pick me up some candied ginger. This is sweet and spicy at the end. Just about small 6 pieces and I was feeling much better.

I’ve also dropped my Percocet intake down to 1/2 a pill every 6-8 hours. I’m still at the same dosage for the muscle relaxer though. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of halving the Percocet as far as the nausea goes.

My appetite is still down but I managed to get down most of a bowl of spinache tortellini. There’s also a Nutty Bar in my future as well as the chocolate Tootie Pop I acquired at Dr. Elliott’s office.

Tomorrow morning we’re going to start the drive back to Florida. I’m honestly very nevous about being able to make the trip. I’ve been told that making frequent stops is helpful. I can only hope so. Worse comes to worse we can always stop somewhere along the way and try it again on Friday. I’ve been very fortunate so far so maybe I’ll be able to do it. Just keep your fingers crossed.


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