Good Drugs

21 Apr

I’ve noticed that it can be difficult for me to be coherent with the Percocet and muscle relaxant I’m on. They make me…what’s the clinical term? Oh, yeah…FUBAR.  I generally have a 20 minute window between where the pain is lessened and I can write coherently. But it’s a slippery slope because by the time I’m ready to post, I’ve already dozed off a couple times. Or I’ve been distracted by whatever Ken has on TV.

It’s fascinating how some people have a much higher tollerance than others. I’m guessing it’s like drinking alcohol. Some can just handle more than others. *I* have a one drink limit. Chemicals tend to stay with me longer.

Back in the old days the anesthesiologist would have you count backwards from 100. I used to get all the way to 97 before I was out. Now they don’t have you count any more. They just give you Happy Juice to relax you  during pre-op then they take you into the OR and there’s a lovely little syringe and then you’re gone. Even though hours pass, it feels like just a few minutes.

While you’re coming back to consciousness, they also give you, if it was a major enough operation, a pain pump. Every 10 minutes you push a button and, like Pavlov’s dogs, you get a reward. It’s usually some Morphine derivative: a short duration major opiate/analgesic. It’s invaluable right before the nurse or tech strips the drains. That little bit makes sitting up and getting out of bed more than bearable.

The sore throat from the breathing tube tends to stay with me for a few days, too. The surgical team slides it down your throat right after you’re out and pulls it out right before you wake up so that your airway isn’t obstructed and they can give you oxygen during surgery.


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