The First Check-Up

20 Apr

This morning I saw Dr. Elliott at his office for my first not-in-the-hospital check up. He’s extremely pleased with my results so far. According to him both of my flaps are “healthy and happy”. The swelling in my right breast has gone down some more so the skin feels softer and a bit more springy. We’re leaving that drain in until he sees me again Wednesday afternoon. Even though there is less than 25 cc of fluid in the bulb in 24 hours I don’t want to take a chance that the swelling is impeding drainage in that breast. The little bit of bruising by both armpits is also fading and has turned all kinds of pretty colors.

My mobility is better, too. I’ve figured out that rolling part way out of bed and then sitting up is far less painful and puts much less strain on the stitches in my back. I’m also actually walking at a good pace now. I’m not shuffling like the Old Hag from “Snow White”. These days I’m doing 3 laps around the hotel floor at a time.

Another observation I’ve made is that I know this sensation in my torso. It’s not always pain. It feels like I’m wearing a steel boned Elizabethan corset. My torso from just below my breasts to just above my waist feels like I’m packed into a sausage casing especially across my back. This is a standard M.O. for being corseted.

During the check up I reported having some nausea still. We’re not sure if it’s a lingering affect from the anesthesia still in my system, the car trip or the meds. So I got a few more sea sickness patches…the ones that go behind the ear. They cost about $50 for 4 and last 3 days each. For me, they are worth every penny.

Poor Ken. He’s been having to do so much for me, I finally shooed him out of the hotel room around 5 and told him to go have fun. I’ve got this great room all to myself and nothing but peace and quiet until he gets back. It’s so nice not having someone come in every hour or so asking to strip drains, take vitals or what have you. It’s just me, you and the chocolate Tootsie Pop I pilfered from the candy dish at Dr. Elliott’s office.


Aside from regular reports on my status, I’d like you to be able to use this blog as a reference for your own experience. That’s why I occasionally go into more graphic detail about what’s going on with my own body and experiences.

It has been bizarrely interesting to see the changes in the drainage. The first day it was the color of a nice Cabernet. It has since faded to a red-tinged apple juice color.

For the last couple days there has also been this stringy matter that reminds me of chicken fat. On the one website I could find that mentions something ike this, it was theorized that it IS fat that didn’t get sucked out during the little bit of lipo he did. Some of it has been stringy and some has been little clumps of cottage cheese type matter. With what I observed during my initial healing process on the VAC machine, I’m guessing that it’s probably just fat.


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