The Ride To The Hotel

19 Apr

I got discharged from the hotel at 7:30 pm. The ride back to the hotel was pretty rough. I’m rather looking forward to when my muscle relaxant kicks in. Moving to get up just friggin hurts. Not as bad as Thursday but still pretty rough.

While Sara was teaching Ken to milk the drains, I got to see what the new girls look like. There may need to be revisions. I’m just going to wait and see after the swelling goes down.

They’re MUCH larger than I expected though. Right now they look like about a D cup. I would have been happy with a B and thrilled with a C. I’m guessing once the swelling goes daown hat they’ll be around a C.

I finally got to see what they look like. They aren’t precisely the ski slope breasts I requested but I am very pleased. I had Ken take photos for two days post op. We’ll take regular shots to keep track of the progress. Those pics, along with the other presurgical pics and necrosis shots will go up on the BoobCast web site when we find someone wiling to do it.

The muscle relaxant I took right after I got to the hotel is really helping so while I have the chance I’m going to go to the bathroom and then try to scoot over to the center of the bed further.

The flaps themselves look very healthy. It’s the other tissue that is bruised and needs to heal more. It’s looking good so far though.


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