18 Apr

Yesterday I went in to the OR at around 12:30 and got up to my room about 5:30. I slept the entire afternoon and evening and all through th night except for when the nurses cam in to check vitas, the drains in my back and  check to see how the flaps that create my new breasts were progressing.

They had me hooked up to  pain pump up until 7pm tonight. It was SO much easier to just push the button to get relief. Now I have to rely on Percocet by mouth. I’m hurting some right now because I wasn’t sure when I was allowed to have my next oral meds.  I did just take 2 pills and hopefully they’ll kick in soon.

The worst part is not my chest. It’s my back. The first time they had me get out of bed, the pain topped out at about an 8 and I had to take getting out of bed in tiny incrients. BUT the longet I waited to move the worse the pain got. I’ve since gotten up about 6 times to use the bathroom and to walk some. Hopefully I’l feel up to going back to the hotel tomorrow. I don’t want to stay longer than I have to.

On the up side, I have a private room. My breasts are looking good. The intial swelling hasn’t changed much on the right side but the bruising is way down. Dr. Elliott says things are looking great and the procedure went exactly as planned. And if the right is still bigget than the left he’ll do the revisions in a few months when he does my nipple reconstruction.

Right now I’m looking forward to my next muscle relaxer at 11. I’m shaking from the muscle tension and strain of having gotten up and down. I noticed too that I have to pee like a racehorse. Practically every hour. So I’ll be back in a minute. I also took another walk.

When I went to sit down this time the pain was only about a 4. I don’t know if my body is adjusting or if  it’s the Perkocet. I’m just feeling very emotional right now. I want my hubby. I guess I’ll live without him but I miss him horribly. I may alo be having an anxiety attack too just from the pain and the wierd sensations in my back. When I sat down it was like the two muscles were rubbing together. or the edges flipping over each other.

I mentioned swelling on the right hand side before. If it IS swelling it’ll go down soon. If it isn’t then Dr. Elliott will just suck out and reshape the breast before nipple construction.

I’ll write more as things develop. In the mean time I’m grateful for all the well-wishes. Thank you to all my friends.

yping puts a bit of a stress on me so I won’t be on much longet. I just waned to put up this entry.

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