Maybe. We’ll See How It’s Going This Afternoon

18 Apr

I’m a little drowsy from the Percocets and my back on the right still hurts but not as bad. Dr. Elliott’s assistant was just in here to see me and he told me that basically they made pockets on my back where the latissimus muscle came from and that’s why it hurts the most back there. Right now we’re just playing the waiting game. We’ll see how I feel this afternoon and I might get to check out later if I don’t need any IV pain meds today. So far things are looking really good. I’m reserving judgement on revisional surgery during the nipple reconstruction because swelling has to go own and everything has to heal before that. So my new breasts may take a different shape once thy’ve kind of settled.

At the moment, from what i can see of them, they’re still a bit on the squarish side. I’m trying not to be picky yet because there doesn’t seem to be a reason to be picky.

After the first surgery bruising still makes me very nervous. It doesn’t look too bad from what I’ve seen, but still it’s a bit nerve wracking. I also still have not seen the total breasts yet either. Only the tops and part of the sides on both. I’d love to get hold of a hand mirror so I can see them.

Reaching to type is making me feel sick so I’ll write more later. Don’t want to throw up


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