In The Pre-Dawn Hours…

16 Apr

It’s 5:30 am as I write these words. I woke up out of the blue feeling hot and a little nauseous. I’m probably just overheated from the really nice quilt on the bed. But it’s still rather frustrating. Here I am, five hours before I even need to check in and I’m awake with not much to do besides wait, blog and watch TV although hubby is still quite unconscious so the last option is out for the time being.

This morning after he gets up I still have to pack my bag for the hospital and take a shower. It will be the last one for possibly a week or more. I haven’t gotten any info on that yet. When I do I’ll be certain to share it.

It’s surprising really that after what everyone at Dr. Elliott’s office and the hospital has said, I’m not anticipating too much pain. Between what they’re going to give me and the pain management techniques I know, I don’t think it should go much over a 5 or 6 on the 1-10 scale.

My biggest fear, of course, is still necrosis but even that isn’t an overwhelming fear. The most necrosis any of his nurses have seen is a spot the size of a quarter. To someone who has seen an area the size of Wrigley Field by comparison, that’s manageable.

I’m really starting to think that I’m going to be all right. Of course there is still the flying shoe circling, but it’s gone from a Bozo-the-Clown sized shoe to a toddler’s Nike. If THAT drops it won’t be so bad. If I DO have a little bit of tissue loss, when I come back for nipple reconstruction, then he can do whatever revissions need to be done then. He’s also talked about repairing any asymmetry at that time too.

So yes Virginia, there IS another surgery. That one will be an out-patient same-day done in the office so it’s not really a big deal. That one only deals with surface tissue. But…one thing at a time. I’ve got to get through today first. THEN I’ll deal with what tomorrow brings.

This may be the last you hear from me on this blog for a few days but stay tuned. I’ll be giving post surgical updates as soon as I am able.

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