A Dress And Heels

07 Apr

April 4th was our 13th wedding anniversary. Ken took me on a romantic dinner river cruise and we danced after dinner. It was wonderful. I even put on a dress and makeup. I have this great little strapless chocolate A-line with gold embroidery and a pair of low Steve Madden heels.I thought that, all things considered, I looked really good. And that, as any regular reader will know, is a major deal for me to actually have a positive thought about the wreckage that is my chest/body.

Ken said I looked “lovely”.

It’s comments like that which make me wonder WTF?? I mean really, I have enough self esteem issues as it it without being classified as “lovely”. That’s what you call your grandmother when she dresses up. Or your friend’s little ones when they get all dressed up for family photos.

Men or Significant Others: Here’s a tip for you. She’s “Beautiful”, “Gorgeous” or “Looks Fantastic”. Especially when making the titanic effort of wearing a DRESS. Which, if you’ll refer back to my previous post, I don’t do.

I tried very hard not to pay attention to the part of the dresss that wasn’t naturally filled out: The bodice. It’ll be better soon. It’s just difficult not to notice breasts and cleavage everywhere I go. The closer to my surgery date I get, the more I notice boobies (and I don’t mean the birds). Especially since I was classed as “lovely” and he really didn’t seem to pay attention to all the effort I went to to look pretty for our anniversary.

I’m putting up a pic in my Facebook shortly so go ahead and friend me (Maria Myrback).


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